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The St. George Squires is the name of the proposed designation of the group of parishioners that have pledged their time and talent for maintenance, repair and upkeep.

The parish is a large organization that has many responsibilities, with the most important being spiritual worship and growth of parishioners and the education of our children in the faith.

Along with that, the facilities have many moving parts and must be cared for; some are minor in nature, while others are larger and more expensive projects. With parish and school money being limited, the current process involves reporting the needed repair to the principal or pastor, who then need to find the appropriate competent to evaluate and decide if funds are available, etc. The process for repairs can be lengthy.

The St. George Squires will focus on minor repairs, improvements for moderate projects that can be handled without issues and meet deadlines without delay.


Our plan is to organize the Squires into a connected group through emails, with one main contact email ("St. George Squires") to ensure good coordination.

Any parishioner, visitor, parent, staff, teacher or even student can email a repair request to the "St. George Squires" email, where Ron Hoffman, together with other members of the Squires, can evaluate and prioritize the project, place it on the Master Repair Plan, assign a repair cost, special skill, tools required and a time frame for repair. This evaluating team would meet 2-3 weeks before every work day to update the Master Repair Plan, which would then be sent out to all the Squires. The "St. George Squires" email can also email any "reporting person" back so they know a project request has been received and will be addressed. Later, that same "reporting person" can be kept informed of the progress, disposition or completion of the project. Provided the cost does not exceed $100, the Squires can proceed immediately with the repair. They should, however, keep the Pastor and Principal informed. Any larger projects will require approval by the Pastor.

The Master Repair Pan would be maintained on the parish website to allow both the Squires and other parishioners to see the list of projects underway, as well as the skills and materials needed for any particular project. Prior to a scheduled work day, the Squires would email who is coming, what they can work on, and what they will bring.

The St. George Squires evaluation team can also offer suggestions from skilled labor and professionals, coordinate projects that intersect each other, keep track of extra material, and even combine orders for material to make the process more efficient.

Scheduled work days will initially be once a month, though it is anticipated that this frequency can diminish with time as projects are caught up. Notification to the new St. George Squires' email can be made and attached will be the prioritized list, scope of work, material and tools needed. Each Squire (a time and talent person or other parish volunteer) can email back (replying to all) with which job they can take care of that day. If tools are needed, ladders, small scaffolds, then the Squire can state to all that he will bring that tool along.

It is hoped that this approach will spread the workload around and avoid anyone from becoming the only "go to" guy for certain things.

The first day for evaluating and prioritizing is proposed for Monday, November 23, 2015 at 6:30 pm. This will prepare for and organize the first repair day. December 5, 2015 will be the first repair day, with a meeting time of 7:30 am (or when you can get there) to organize, share ideas and review the game plan.

11:30 am will be the clean-up and wrap-up, and all will be welcome to meet for dinner for some social time as fellow parishioners. It is hoped that the limited time frame will avoid turning these work days into some to be dreaded. This way plenty of Saturday will be left to spend as each wishes. If there is someone that wants to stay and finish a job, they would be welcomed to do so. No obligation or commitment, just parishioners working together when they can and for the time they can.

It has been common practice that with small projects, even in the past when someone slips into school or church and just fixes a minor repair, that person buys the material himself. It is here proposed that the Squires fund those small projects themselves up to $30.00. What could be a better feeling than to stop by school or church with fellow parishioners, give four hours of your time every six weeks or so and know that you donated a $30.00 repair (which is still tax deductible).

I really believe the "St. George Squires" can become a valuable asset to the parish, not taking anything away from the current organizations, but supporting them.

Ron Hoffman