Capital Campaign 2016

Build Our Future - Reveal God's Glory

Our current church was constructed in 1974, and has had very few repairs or maintenance in over 40 years. As you can imagine, several projects have now surfaced that are begging for attention before even more serious and costly damage is incurred. We are now in the same position as the parishioners in the 1970s, facing big decisions and funding needs that will impact the future of St. George.

Our estimated goal is to raise $500,000 to accomplish many projects and update facilities and prepare them for the future. Projects in the capital campaign include: a new roof for the church, cleaning and sealing of the brick on the church, asbestos removal in the floor at school, interior renovation of the church and energy efficiency and renewable solar power installation. These combined projects will accomplish so much for our campus, and set the stage for future energy needs to be much more efficient and cost effective.

We are hopeful that funds will be raised in order to begin projects very soon. For more information or for details on how you can pledge your support, please contact the rectory at (573) 897-2293 or email To give to this worthy cause, please complete the donor form.

Church Renovation Committee

Feel free to contact the following committee members with any feedback or suggestions you might have regarding the church renovation project.

Valora Budnik (573) 619-5021
Kevin Cox (573) 690-2850
Veronica Hoffman (573) 897-2591
John Olivares (636) 221-4455
Judy Robinson (573) 619-5006
Monica Schmitz (573) 690-1924
Fr. Dan Merz (573) 897-2293

5 Projects to Improve St. George

  • New Roof for the Church: The current roof is about 23 years old, and has some leaks in the vestibule and in the hallway behind the sanctuary. After some research, we have decided to replace the roof section above the vestibule. Then, we will apply a 100% solvent free, seamless silicone coating to the entire roof. The silicone comes with a 50-year limited warranty, and the roofer gives a 20-year warranty on his labor and materials.
  • Cost: $72,000
  • Estimated Cost savings: $200,000
  • Benefits: extending the current 25-year roof by an additional 50 years

  • Cleaning and Sealing of the Brick on the Church: We think some of the leaks are occurring because the bricks need some minor tuck pointing and need to be cleaned and sealed.
  • Cost: $15,000
  • Estimated Cost savings: avoid moisture seeping in the walls to damage the roof from below
  • Benefits: bricks will last longer and moisture will not seep inside

  • Asbestos Removal in the School: Every year, St. George pays over $5,000 to lay a thick coat of wax on floor tiles to protect our students from asbestos. We intend to remove the asbestos tiles and replace the floor with an epoxy flooring that can simply be swept and mopped. This affects two floors in the old school building.
  • Cost: $28,000
  • Estimated Cost savings: 5.5-year payback by no longer waxing the floors every summer
  • Benefits: Safer environment for our students and teachers!!

  • Interior Renovation of the Church: The church was built in 1974 and has had only minor updates since then. It is not aesthetically pleasing for worship, certainly in comparison with most Catholic churches in Osage County. The parish has always made the school a top priority. In this year of our 150th anniversary, we think it’s time to focus attention on making the church a more beautiful space for Catholic Sacraments and Prayer.
  • Cost: $260,000
  • Estimated Cost savings: Reduced energy costs
  • Benefits: Better lighting/visibility, better acoustics, richer use of color and symbols, warmer and more worshipful space

  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Solar: The St. George campus includes the rectory, the church, Notre Dame, the school, and the gymnasium. Our annual electrical bill is well over $30,000. Solar panels come with a 25-year production warranty of 80% and promise a complete pay back from cost savings in 5-7 years. Our flat or nearly flat roofs make us ideal candidates for the solar panels.
  • Cost: $100,000 - $140,000
  • Estimated Cost savings: est. savings of ~ $15,000/year with a 6-7 year payback.
  • Benefits: huge cost savings over 25-30 years; renewable, clean energy; practicing the teaching of Pope Francis in his Encyclical, “Laudato Sii” (Care for our Common Home)

Companies we are working with:


Dale Schulte with Pro-Tec Maintenance, LLC (Jefferson City)

Silicone Manufacturer: Gaco Western

Cleaning & Sealing:

T & J's Restoration & Waterproofing
(Jefferson City)


Warren Prost with Asbestos Removal Services, Inc.
(Jefferson City)

Church Renovation:

Max Autenrieb with Church Interior Decorating, Inc. (Edwardsville, IL)

Please view the gallery of churches beautified by Church Interior Decorating, Inc.

Solar Panels:


Renovation Options

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